Mud and Motorcycle: these are the two elements that makes a challenging trail for an Enduro Race. Last July 3 to 4, 2021, brave and skilled enduro riders partnered with one other to test their limits as they conquered nature to reach the finish line of this year’s ENEOS Endurocross 2 Terminator Challenge.

The riders had to conquer two racing phases to be crowned the first Terminator King, Duke, and Prince.

Phase One, the elimination round, was held at the Terminator Hill in Tanay, Rizal. On this day, riders went in pairs to finish the track and qualify for the final round. The starting point was lined with over 70 excited riders who looked forward to the challenging trail that awaited them.

As the race began, so did the heavy rain. Nature made sure to join the fun—resulting in a muddy trail that tested the skills, strength, patience, and teamwork of each rider. After an entire day of slipping and falling (with an occasional muddy bath), almost 50 riders were terminated. Only 20 riders survived to move on to the final round.

The next day was Phase Two, the final round, which started at the Jungle Base in Tanay, Rizal. From competing in pairs, the remaining 20 riders braved the final challenge on their own. The rain continued to pour, adding more fun and excitement by creating a muddy trail that became the riders’ playground. In the end, these brave riders were hailed as this year’s winners:
King: Jay Sanchez
Duke: Ralph Ramento
Prince: Arvin Bacas

King: Mico Marges
Duke: Glenrofil De Rama
Prince: Jericko Joneco