ENEOS Motor Oil, Japan’s No. 1 Oil Company, has signed Superbike Champion Jacq Buncio as its newest brand ambassador.

According to Kazumasa Imai, President of ENEOS Philippines Corporation (ENEPH), Jacq’s spectacular achievements in motorsports and her family’s advocacy of promoting safety in racing make her a welcome addition to our team. She joins her sister Des Buncio, Superbike Champion and Off-road lady rider; Bornok Mangosong, Philippine Motocross Champion; and Mel Aquino, Philippine Motocross Champion and highly respected motorcycle riding coach; in the ENEOS roster of champions.

ENEOS Philippines is part of the global distribution of Japan’s No. 1 Oil Company that provides top quality, high performance automotive lubricant solutions within reach of motorists nationwide. Established in October 2019, it commits to deliver outstanding power to every Filipino’s drive. For the two-wheeled segment, ENEOS Motor Oil has a high-performance fully synthetic motorcycle oil for racing, a synthetic-based motorcycle oil for all types of 4-stroke engines, a synthetic automatic scooter oil and scooter gear oil and a mineral-based motorcycle oil for all types of 4-stroke engines. For cars, on the other hand, it has ultra-modern and environment-friendly fully synthetic motor oils for gasoline and diesel engines, high-performance synthetic motor oils for gasoline engines and diesel engines and a highly refined mineral-based motor oil for gasoline and diesel engines.